About me

This blog was created because as a solution architect and developer, I often use a variety of techniques for PowerShell script access to the Microsoft Public Cloud (especially on Azure AD). On my way, I encountered many obstacles, many tricks, and a great number of good and less good info sites on the topic. I found it annoying to always have to search somewhere elseā€¦ so I decided to create my own place for the information that I need.

I’m Philipp, born 1968, father of two boys, interested in many things and one of them is scripting Azure AD.

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Philipp now

This is what I used to look like ‘some’ years ago…

Philipp then

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… ok, I spend also quite a lot of my free time on my projects. I wrote another blog about LDAP scripting…

SelfADSI: LDAP Scripting Blog

… and I develop and sell an LDAP/Cloud browser tool for directory admins…

LEX - The LDAP Explorer

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