The GUID Conversion Carousel

If you are leveraging an AADC server to sync your accounts to Azure AD, one of the most important technical properties is the source anchor. This is the value that matches the on-prem account with the cloud account. The nature of this match was discussed here in detail in another blog post: The ImmutableID Match […]

The ImmutableID Match in AADC environments

This is about environments where an AADC (Azure Active Directory Connector) server syncs a local AD to AzureAD / O365. There are matching rules and key attributes that handle the sync relationship between a cloud object and it’s corresponding local AD object. AADC does its job fairly well and you don’t need to care about […]

Convert a GUID into Base64 and vice versa

The Azure AD Connector (AADC) syncs user objects between local ADs and the Azure AD / O365. In most situations, the user sync uses the GUID (Global Unique Identifiers) values as a matching attribute that connects the local and the cloud account. Just because the GUID is globally unique and it (usually) does not change […]