Troubleshooting “New-ExoPSSession : Create Powershell Session is failed using OAuth”

This is a post in a series of blog articles about troubleshooting typical error situations in PowerShell cmdlets in the cloud. This time it’s about… Connect-ExchangeOnline / Connect-IPPSSession Maybe you want to use the Exchange Online PowerShell module or the Security and Compliance Center Powershell Module. You try to use the appropriate cmdlets Connect-ExchangeOnline or […]

How to install and use the Exchange Online PowerShell module

This is a short article about how to install and use the Exchange Online PowerShell module. This is the module called ExchangeOnlineManagement. It provides all the cmdlets like ‘Get-Mailbox’, ‘Enable-MailContact’, or ‘New-DistributionGroup’. If you want to script with Exchange Online mail objects, as well as other important cloud objects like Unified Groups (‘O365 Groups’), then […]

The GUID Conversion Carousel

If you are leveraging an AADC server to sync your accounts to Azure AD, one of the most important technical properties is the source anchor. This is the value that matches the on-prem account with the cloud account. The nature of this match was discussed here in detail in another blog post: The ImmutableID Match […]

Resetting Azure AD User Passwords

You can set the password of an Azure AD user account (= Office 365 user account) easily with PowerShell. First of all, let’s choose the right API for this – modern AzureAD PowerShell module, or old style MSOL (MSOnline) PowerShell module? Well, in this particular case, I prefer the MSOL. I will explain the reasons […]