4 thoughts on “Scripting the Azure AD Portal: User Properties

  1. I’m looking for a property that reveals the FQDN of the source (on-prem AD domain). Any ideas?

  2. I would like to import a .csv with a with two columns UserPrinicpalName and EmployeeID to bulk update the employeeID field in AzureAD.
    Can you please help me write the script to import the .csv and update the EmployeeID field. My current script reads as such but gets an error that : Set-AzureADUserExtension : Cannot bind argument to parameter ‘ObjectId’ because it is null.

    $csvdata = Get-content “c:\path\to\csvfile.csv” | convertfrom-csv -delimiter “,”
    Foreach ($item in $csvdata) {
    Set-azureaduserextension -objectID $user.UPN -ExtensionName “EmployeeID” -ExtensionValue $item.EmployeeID

    1. First: You could try to use “Import-CSV” instead of “Get-Content….. | ConvertFrom-CSV….”

      Second: Could you post the first text line in your CSV file? You refer to a “$user.UPN” but it seems to be empty….

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