Azure AD in the Feedback Loop

Have you ever come across any part of Azure AD that really annoyed you? Because a detail didn’t work the way you imagined? Or because a feature wasn’t there or wasn’t working as common sense would expect?

Symbolic picture of a board with feedback written on it

Well, maybe you’re not the only one struggling with this one specific problem. How about a check on Microsoft’s Azure AD feedback page:

The feedback of the people here is mainly about missing functionalities in Azure AD, so it’s like a big feature wishlist. The most interesting part of it: The Microsoft product group for Azure AD gives often a statement of whether they care about the specific feature wishes. Sometimes, they say “yep, great idea, we plan to implement this for sure”. Sometimes they even say “we already started to implement this, it’s coming soon”. You can add your own feature wish, or you can vote up other feature wishes which you find important.

I have often found things on this feedback website that I myself have sorely missed. It is all the more reassuring to know that others have the same problem as me – and that Microsoft may already be working on a solution. Nice thing…

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