Azure AD in the Feedback Loop

Website Pearl Diving

Have you ever come across any part of Azure AD that really annoyed you? Because a detail didn’t work the way you imagined? Or because a feature wasn’t there or wasn’t working as common sense would expect? Well, maybe you’re not the only one struggling with this one specific problem. How about a check on […]

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Troubleshooting “The following commands are already available on this system”


This is a post in a series of blog articles about troubleshooting typical error situations in PowerShell cmdlets in the cloud. This time it’s about… Install-Module AzureAD / Install-Module AzureADPreview Maybe you want to install the AzureAD PowerShell module or the AzureADPreview module. If you get an error message like “The following commands are already […]

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Where do you come from ? … The onPremisesDistinguishedName Property

AADC Hybrid Sync

Most Azure AD tenants are synchronized from an on-premises Active Directory environment. The AADC server synchronizes accounts from different organizational units (OUs), different domains – possibly even from different forests. However, you lose all hierarchical information up there – Azure AD stores all accounts in the same flat structure. So, wouldn’t it be nice to […]

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